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Mastering the Ohio Graduation Test in Science uses clear, insightful explanations and an interactive format to help students prepare for the OGT in Science. The OGT will be a demanding test: the Department of Education has announced that the examination will assess student mastery of two years of science, covering six standards, twenty-four benchmarks, and a total of 103 grade level indicators. Moreover, the OGT in Science will present its questions on these various topics in random order.

The greatest challenge for many students will be to bring their knowledge of all these subjects together and to draw connections across diverse fields - from astronomy, biology, and chemistry to geology, physics and technology. Mastering the Ohio Graduation Test in Science will help your students successfully achieve this synthesis.

The organization of the book is extremely easy to follow, and makes use of cutting edge educational research. The book is divided into three main parts:

Unit 1. This introductory unit provides important tools students need to perform their best.

  • Chapter 1 provides an overview of the OGT in Science.
  • Chapter 2 describes the four types of questions found on the OGT - recalling, analyzing scientific information, explaining scientific investigations, and applying scientific concepts to real world situations. Students will learn the unique E-R-A Approach to guide their thinking in answering each type of question.
  • Chapter 3 shows students how to analyze scientific information found in graphs, tables, diagrams, flow charts, and maps.
  • Chapter 4 shows them how to approach short-answer and extended-response questions.

Units 2 through 5. The main part of the book is divided into four units.

It presents a complete refresher course of all the content and skills tested. The Nature of Science reviews those benchmarks found in Scientific Ways of Knowing, Scientific Inquiry, and Science and Technology. The other three units review the remaining standards: Earth and Space Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Life Sciences. Unlike other books that claim to be 100% aligned, this book actually covers every science benchmark assessed on the OGT in Science.


  • Each unit begins with a Unit Opener which serves as an advance organizer, telling students what they will learn about in each chapter of the unit.
  • Each chapter begins with a Major Ideas section, previewing for the student the most important concepts, relationships, and facts covered in that chapter.


Each chapter concisely and clearly explains what students need to know about a discrete topic. For example, the Life Sciences unit is divided into four chapters - Cells and Cellular Processes, Heredity and Genetics, Evolution, and Ecology. Each chapter is further subdivided into small, comprehensible sections. The focus is to help students master and recall key concepts, facts, and relationships. An abundance of photographs, diagrams, and illustrations helps students visualize as they learn.


Learning consists of incorporating ideas and information into the learner's cognitive structures. Repetition and manipulation of information in different forms aids this process. In Mastering the Ohio Graduation Test in Science:

  • Students continually interact with what they read through Applying What You Have Read activities. These exercises are interspersed throughout each chapter. Similar to short-answer questions on the OGT in Science, these exercises ask students to describe, explain or analyze information, and provide students with an opportunity to think about what they have read.
  • Each content chapter has a What You Should Know section, reinforcing the major ideas of the chapter.
  • A series of Study Cards are also found at the end of each chapter. Students are encouraged to duplicate and collect these Study Cards, and to make additional cards of their own. These cards reinforce the most important information in that chapter.
  • Each unit concludes with a Unit Checklist listing all the appropriate benchmarks in that unit. This provides students with another opportunity to reinforce what they have learned and to see if any items need further review.


Each chapter ends with a Checking Your Understanding section composed of OGT-style multiple-choice, short-answer, and extended-response questions. The answer to the first question in these sections is fully explained, allowing for guided practice. Subsequent questions provide students with independent practice. Every question is identified by its appropriate standard, benchmark, and grade level indicator.

Unit 6.The final unit of the book provides a complete practice test, mirroring the distribution of questions and level of difficulty found on the real OGT in Science.

This practice test allows students to apply what they have learned in going through the book. In addition, students can evaluate where they need more help, and return to those parts of the book for further review.

Mastering the Ohio Graduation Test in Science can be used in a variety of ways:

  • The book can be used to reinforce material covered in regular class lessons during the course of the school year. Tenth graders can also review sections of this book on a periodic basis to maintain their mastery of benchmarks studied in ninth grade.
  • The book can be used as a final review or refresher in the weeks just prior to the test. The concise presentation allows students to review two years of course work in only a few short weeks.
  • The book can be used for the remediation of students who find science especially challenging and who are required to retake the test for graduation.
  • The book is clear enough to be used by parents who wish to help their children prepare for the test.

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